Here they are, the results of the "PopLife CrystalBall-Survey".
The questions had to be answered between May 26 and June 26.
They did only refer to the 3 discs called te 'Crystal Ball', not to 'The Truth' or 'Kamasutra'.
Thanx to all the CrystalBallers out there who answered the 7 questions!

1. Do you have (ordered) the 'Crystal Ball'?


2. Where did you buy the 'Crystal Ball'?


3. If you ordered at 1-800-NEWFUNK, do you already have your 'CB'?


4. Where do you live?

Inside the US
Outside the US

5. Which songs do you like best?

1. Crystal Ball
2. Ripopgodazippa
3. Hide the Bone
    Calhoun Square
5. Lovesign
6. Days Of Wild
7. Da Bang
8. Dream Factory
    Last Heart
   Acknowledge Me
11. PoomPoom
12. Crucial
13. The Ride
14. 18&Over
15. She Gave Her Angels
      Good Love
17. Interactive
18. Goodbye
19. Cloreen Bacon Skin
20. Sexual Suicide
     Movie Star
23. P. Control (Remix)
     Strays Of The World
25. So Dark
26. Make Your Mama Happy
27. Get Loose
      Tell Me How U Wanna B Done

6. Which songs don't you like at all?

1. P Control
    Cloreen Bacon Skin
3. Strays Of The World
4. So Dark
5. An Honest Man
    Movie Star
7. Dream Factory
    Get Loose
    She Gave Her Angels
     What's My Name
      Tell Me How U Wanna B Done
14.Da Bang
     Days Of Wild

7. Which songs should have been on the 'Crystal Ball' instead?

1. Old Friends 4 Sale
2. In All My Dreams
3. Rebirth Of The Flesh
4. Wonderful Ass
5. Extra Loveable
6. Another Lonely Christmas
7. The Pope
8. Journey To The Center Of Your Heart
9. I Am The DJ
10. Open Book
11. Vibrator
12. Neon Telephone
13. Electric Intercourse
14. Power Fantastic
15. I Wonder
16. Don't Say You Love Me
17. The Ball
18. Five Women ('95 version)
19. In A Large Room With No Light
20. Feel Good