James Brown

Prince Relation:



Soul, Funk

Poplife Pick:

"Star Time" (1991)



Additional Notes:

James Brown is definitely one of the most important influences for Prince. Songs like "Possessed" (outtake), "Pretty Man" (Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic) and a great deal of "The Black Album" as well as much of Prince's stage appearance are obviously inspired by "The Godfather Of Soul" who has put out such classics as "Sex Machine", "I Feel Good" and "Super Bad".

Brown's long time saxophon player Maceo Parker was also part of the P-Funk Mob and is one of the guest stars on The Artist's latest "Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic".

Poplife Pick: "Star Time" (1991)

One of the great box sets of all time; over four CDs, Brown's recorded legacy is traced from "Please Please Please" in 1956 through his 1984 duet with Afrika Bambaataa, "Unity Pt. 1." With 71 tracks in all, the set places the #1 R&B artist ever in his proper perspective as the prime progenitor of funk, one of the architects of soul, and the Godfather of Rap. To have done any one of these things would have been a bid for immortality; having done all three makes him a god. Four CDs at once is virtually too rich for one sitting. The well-written liner notes provide three different perspectives on Brown's career. A cornerstone of any great collection. -- Rob Bowman, All-Music Guide