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"Travelling Without Moving" (1996)


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Jamiroquai is not directly influenced by Prince however they're very much Stevie- Wonder-inspired, that's why you might dig their music which is an interesting blend of soul, funk and jazz.

Poplife Pick: "Travelling Without Moving" (1996)

His third album as Jamiroquai, Travelling Without Moving, has sold over two million copies worldwide, which is doubly impressive considering that the album is only now hitting U.S. shores. But fey white-boy funk with its silly pretenses and unnatural soul has traditionally not fared so well Stateside, meaning the Thin One may have a tough time cracking this market. Kay is impressive as he splatters suggestions of Bob Marley ("Drifting Along"), Marvin Gaye ("Everyday"), and Parliament ("High Times") atop his rollicking dance grooves. Terrific production further enhances the album's best tracks, including the James Brown-inspired "You Are My Love" and the roiling dance cut "Virtual Insanity." -- Bob Gulla, Wall Of Sound