o f f i c i a l

npg online ltd.
(the new official site containing news, clips, discography etc.)
love 4 one another
(currently only containing the "one song")
(order music and official merchandising here)
crystal ball cover art
(innovative cover art 4 the crystal ball album)

t h e   b e s t

(the most complete informational Prince/Artist site on the internet)
a fan's guide to prince bootleg recordings
(hey, it's just information, so slow down :)
uptown magazine
(the independent and uncensored magazine exploring the world of Prince/the Artist)

n e w s

prince.org news
(the most comprehensive source for news)
le grind
(part of the L41A collective, semi-official)
the future
(sometimes off topic - always official)

l i n k s

prince.org links
(prince.org on top again - links with grades)
prince music on-line
(loooong list of Prince links)
yahoo.com links
(quite a lot of the links are not workin' anymore)

f a n s

amber's artist space
(new design - better than ever!)
sócrates' purple experience
(Sócrates is the artist among the fans, see for youself)
2nigs united 4 webdom
(the humour experience)
the artist in the heart
(extremely professional graphics and cool contents)
the mpls site
(another graphic highlight)
for fan sites also see "fan banners" in the navigation bar!

m i s c

(info and cover for almost every prince single released)
the paisley park mailing list
(the biggest mailing list around - guess what, it's on www.prince.org :)
the beautiful experience webring
(17 prince oriented sites in this ring)
the new power clique webring
(the biggest prince-ring with 26 members)